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Healing Benefits of Pet Therapy to Hospice Patients


Pets provide faithful companionship, support, and love for their human companions. It develops a powerful bond that creates a healing effect on people, especially those terminally ill. Simply petting or cuddling a pet can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, and provide comfort. Hence, pet therapy is often recommended to hospice patients.

As a hospice provider Ohio, we will discuss what pet therapy is and how it can benefit hospice patients:

  • Pet therapy is a guided interaction between a trained animal and a patient. It may also involve the animal’s handler. Animals interact with hospice patients during visits depending on the patient’s comfort level. The purpose is to help cope with their health problem through comfort and recreation.
  • The physical benefits of interaction with a gentle, friendly pet include lower blood pressure, diminished physical pain, and improved cardiovascular health. Pet therapy also promotes the release of endorphins which have a calming effect and promotes relaxation. Hence, it’s often included in comfort care Medina.

Moreover, pet therapy has social and emotional benefits for hospice patients. Pet therapy encourages socialization. It reduces loneliness and decreases feelings of alienation. Pet therapy can also lower stress and anxiety while providing comfort and reducing boredom. Petting an animal can stimulate memories and communication.

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