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Easing Anxiety During End-of-Life Care 


A diagnosis of a life-limiting illnesses often induces negative emotions like fear, sadness, and anxiety in patients. While these emotions are natural, they can interfere with a patient’s overall well-being and further the deterioration of their health, particularly if these negative emotions are all-consuming.

As a preferred provider of hospice and comfort care in Medina, Ohio, our team of caregivers at Remembrance has observed how anxiety impacts the overall wellness of terminally-ill patients. We’ve compiled our top four tips to help ease end-of-life anxiety. 

  • Let It Out 
    Easing anxiety is possible when you have the right people to talk to. It can be easier to process your emotions when you acknowledge and talk about them. Open and honest conversations about anxieties can offer a sense of relief and understanding. You might find it helpful to talk about your feelings with family members, close friends, a mental health professional, or your primary health care provider. Many hospitals and hospice agencies offer chaplain services which patients find essential for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The right hospice provider will acknowledge your emotions and help you find someone to talk with.
  • Express Yourself
    If anxiety becomes overwhelming, patients may benefit from a creative outlet like art, music, or writing. Even those who don’t consider themselves creative can find that scrapbooking or keeping a journal may help with processing emotions and managing anxiety. It’s also less likely for feelings of anxiety to surface when focusing on an enjoyable activity in your present environment.
  • Be with Your Loved Ones
    As a hospice provider in Ohio, we understand the power of companionship and social support. Connecting with friends and loved ones is an enjoyable experience that alleviates feelings of isolation or anxiety. Having this quality time is typically beneficial for the patient as well as his or her loved ones.
  • Actively Practice Relaxation
    Mindfulness, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and meditation are all techniques that can promote a sense of calm and ease anxiety.

At Remembrance Hospice, our care providers are compassionate, skilled professionals who can help patients ease anxiety when facing life-limiting illnesses. We offer hospice care in Medina, Ohio and surrounding communities to preserve the quality of life when the quantity may be limited. Feel free to call for more information. 


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