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Supporting Kids during a Loved One’s Hospice Journey


Finding a hospice provider that understands the complexities of family dynamics, especially when children are involved, is crucial. When a loved one is in hospice care, all family members are impacted, including children.

Guiding children through this process requires sensitivity, honesty, and support, which are key components of quality hospice services. Here are essential points to consider when supporting children during a loved one’s hospice journey:

  • Open and Encouraging Communication
    Keeping children informed in an age-appropriate way helps them understand and cope with the situation. Let kids know it is okay to express their thoughts and emotions. Be an active listener and validate their feelings, fears, and concerns.
  • Inclusive Activities
    Involving children in simple, meaningful activities with their loved one can create lasting memories. Some examples include reading aloud, eating meals together, looking at photos and sharing stories, making a memory box.
  • Maintain Routines
    Continuing with activities and routines help children maintain a sense of stability and normalcy during a difficult time. Consistency can provide a sense of security while changes are happening around them and their emotions evolve.
  • Educational Resources
    Provide age-appropriate books and materials that explain hospice care and grief in child-friendly language. Sometimes children just want to know what to expect. Help them feel knowledgeable and reassured that they are not alone in their feelings. The Medina County District Library offers grief kits with books, resources, and activities to support children as young as toddlers through adolescence and their caregivers during bereavement. Be sure to check out this resource here.
  • Collaborate with School
    Working with teachers, counselors, and administrators at the child’s school can help ensure appropriate support during the school day. School counselors are often trained to help children experiencing challenges in their personal life. They also can provide family with insight on how the child is coping during school and with peers.

Hospice care is for not just for the patient, but for his or her loved ones as well. A quality hospice provider offers comfort care for the entire family, encouraging the emotional well-being and resilience of all.

If you’re seeking hospice care that includes comprehensive support for children, turn to Remembrance Hospice. We understand the importance of family in these delicate times and are here to guide you and your loved ones through every step. Contact us to learn more about our approach to hospice care in Medina, Ohio and surrounding areas.

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