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Navigating Hospice Care at Home vs. Inpatient Hospice


When considering hospice care options, individuals and families often weigh the benefits of receiving care at home versus inpatient hospice facilities. Understanding the differences and advantages of each can help make informed decisions during challenging times.

  • Overview of Hospice Care
    Hospice care focuses on providing comfort and support to individuals with terminal illnesses, emphasizing quality of life and dignity during their final stages. It includes medical care, pain management, emotional support, and comfort care tailored to meet the unique needs of patients and their families.
  • Benefits of Hospice Care at Home
    • Patients can remain in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by loved ones.
    • Care plans can be tailored to individual needs and preferences.
    • Families play an active role in caregiving and decision-making.
    • Patients retain a sense of independence and autonomy.
    • Emotional bonds and support networks are readily accessible.
  • Advantages of Inpatient Hospice
    Inpatient hospice facilities offer round-the-clock medical supervision and specialized care for patients with complex symptoms that cannot be managed at home. These facilities provide access to a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, and therapists, ensuring comprehensive support and symptom management.
  • Considerations for Decision-Making
    When deciding between inpatient versus in-home hospice care in Medina, Ohio, factors such as the patient’s medical needs, family support, caregiver availability, and personal preferences should be considered. Consulting with healthcare professionals and hospice providers can help in making the most suitable choice for the individual’s unique circumstances.
  • We Are a Compassionate Hospice Provider in Ohio
    As a trusted and compassionate hospice provider in Ohio, we understand the importance of personalized care and support for elderly individuals and their families during challenging times. Our team is dedicated to ensuring comfort, dignity, and quality of life for patients in their final stages.

Contact us today at Remembrance Hospice for compassionate and comprehensive hospice care services in Ohio.

Meet Dr. Bonyo 

Dr. Benson Bonyo has practiced family medicine in the Akron area for more than 30 years. He is passionate about helping patients and their families in northeast Ohio as well as Kenya.

In 1995, Dr. Bonyo started a clinic in Kenya. Over the past two decades, the clinic has reduced infant mortality rates by 20-30% and greatly improved maternal health in the Wanjaya village of Kenya.

Dr. Bonyo brings extensive medical experience and a commitment to a continuum of care that ensures patients transition seamlessly between different levels and types of care as their needs evolve. He is a steadfast source of knowledge, skill, comfort and care for our patients and their loved ones at Remembrance Hospice.

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