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Honoring Loved Ones: Memorial Projects


As a trusted hospice provider in Medina, Ohio, we have seen and helped in creating various memorial projects that provide comfort and keep cherished memories alive. These projects are more than just activities; they are heartfelt expressions that celebrate a loved one’s life and legacy. The staff at Remembrance Hospice compiled the following list of some of our favorite memorial projects:

  • Memory Quilt: Collect fabric pieces from clothing that was worn on special occasions or even everyday favorite clothing items to create a quilt. The size and pattern of the quilt are not necessarily important. Putting the pieces together is a sweet way to combine tangible fabric pieces worn or cherished by your loved one. This can also show how our lives are woven from many moments and experiences over time.
  • Photo Album: Compile photos in an album or scrapbook and, if space allows, write down stories or comments about the photos. This is a timeless way to showcase and celebrate life milestones.
  • Recipe Book: Gather and share beloved family recipes. Consider including details about when or where each dish was served, who enjoyed it, or other memorable details.
  • Memorial Garden: Plant flowers, shrubs, or trees in remembrance of your loved one. As they bloom or grow, they can spark memories for years to come.
  • Time Capsule: Fill a box with letters, photos, and personal items that are meaningful to your loved one. You may want to attach tags to some of the items that explain their significance.
  • Record Family Stories: Ask your loved one questions that allow him or her to share stories that are meaningful. Examples include: “What was your first job?” “What was your favorite vacation and why?” “How did you meet [your partner]?” Record the questions and answers and you can cherish these stories forever.

Spiritual care is a crucial aspect of the hospice experience. Engaging in spiritual legacy projects, such as writing letters to future generations or creating a prayer journal, can provide peace and reflection. These activities offer a way to share wisdom and values, leaving a lasting impact on loved ones. At Remembrance, we have a dedicated chaplain on staff, Bill Marras, who can help provide direction, support and encouragement with these efforts.

Creating meaningful memorial projects can offer solace while helping families bond and provide a tangible connection to their loved ones. At Remembrance Hospice we provide compassionate comfort care to our patients and their families. We assist in developing legacy projects that reflect the values and memories of their loved ones.

Contact us today for help in creating meaningful ways to honor your loved one. Remembrance Hospice provides unparalleled hospice services in Medina, Ohio and surrounding communities.

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