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End-of-Life: How to Make Lasting Memories


Lasting memories can and should be created during the end-of-life stage. They can be deeply meaningful for the individual in his or her final chapter as well as for loved ones. As a trusted hospice care partner in Medina, Ohio, we have some suggestions for making moments memorable for individuals and families in the end-of-life stage.

  • Record Wisdom and Advice
    Encourage your loved one to provide some special advice, offer wisdom, or share a life lesson for you and other loved ones to cherish. Document the moment with a video or voice recording. We have seen some families ask questions of their loved one, as if in an interview, which they then typed, printed, and created a little book from. Whether it’s formal or casual, these bits of wisdom and advice may become treasures for future generations.
  • Share in a Legacy Project
    Initiate a legacy project that reflects your loved one’s life. Some of our recommendations include planting a tree, compiling a photo album or scrapbook, making a cookbook of favorite recipes, working on a piece of art, writing a memoir, or establishing a charity in honor of your loved one.
  • Celebratory Events
    Organize a gathering or a celebration where friends and relatives can come together and share their love and memories. We have witnessed large birthday celebrations as well as intimate dinners to bring family and friends together for fun. Regardless of the size or scale, a celebratory gathering is a great way to create lasting memories with the people close to your loved one’s heart.
  • Capture Simple Moments
    Take photos or video of everyday moments with your loved one. Candid photos and videos can capture an individual’s laughter, emotion, and personality. These will spark memories for years to come.
  • Quality Time
    Among all of our suggestions, spending quality time with your loved one is the simplest and most effective. Spending quality is being present with your loved one doing activities that bring joy, comfort, peace, and connection. This could include watching movies, looking through photos together, sharing meaningful stories, reading aloud, listening to music, or just sharing quiet time together.

If you focus on being present and enjoying each moment with your loved one, memories will be made. Use the above suggestions less as a way to manufacture memories, and more as a way to cherish time with your loved one during their final chapter. Be mindful of your loved one and how he or she wishes to spend time with you – what is most meaningful or comforting for him or her. Lasting memories will follow. If you or a loved one is considering hospice care, feel free to reach out to us at Remembrance Hospice. We have a dedicated team of skilled, compassionate caregivers who provide comfort care, palliative care, and hospice care in Medina, Ohio, and surrounding communities.

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